2011-12 Scholarships

Scholarship and Financial Aid Resource Page

A list of potential scholarships are available in the Guidance Office and listed below. These are only some of the thousands of scholarships out there, but these are the ones that come to us in the mail.
You do not have to pay someone to find scholarships for you. You can do the same thing they can do on the web.

Go to any university website and check out their Financial Aid page. They will have a list of grants and scholarships offered directly from the university. If you want the best financial aid advice, ask a financial aid administrator at the college or university you are interested in attending.


The deadlines listed below are given by the scholarship hosting agency.
Our Guidance Office often needs to fill out a portion of the scholarship or provide a transcript.
In order to ensure that your request is done on time, please allow us 7-10 business days to process any college or scholarship application, transcript, letter of recommendation or any other Guidance Office request.

September 2011 Deadlines

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